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Twin Lakes Beach is one of the cleanest and best-preserved beaches in the province of Manitoba.  When arriving in St. Laurent turn left at Twin Beach Rd. located at the Petro Canada Station (MTT Restaurant).  Drive West to the lake front.  Twin Beaches is shared by two municipalities.  The RM of St. Laurent and the RM of Woodlands. Turn right on Venice Rd North and there are 41 lake front properties.  Turn left on Venice Rd South and there are over 200 lake front properties in the RM of St. Laurent.  Come spend a day at Meindl park located at 656 Venice Rd. South.  The swimming is wonderful and the bottom is soft and sandy.  The sunsets are just spectacular so if you like what you're experiencing, shop around over 6KM of pristine natural beach for a place of your own.

Meindl Park

This property was donated to the Municipality of St. Laurent by Dr. Alex Meindl in 1970 for people to enjoy the beach.  Dr. Meindl was a highly respected, generous and caring man who provided affordable medical services to our residents for over 50 years.  The municipality gives thanks to the late Dr. Meindl and his family by naming this park in his honor.

Sandpiper beach is located north of Twin Beach.  You can get there heading west on Twin Beach Rd and making a right at the 4 way stop on St. Laurent Veterans Memorial Rd.  Look for Allard road to the west and make a left to the beach.  There you will find BIG TREE PARK (PARC GROS ARBRE).  The swimming is wonderful at Sandpiper and the beach is beautiful and sandy.  There are over 60 lake front cottage lots at Sandpiper with more to explore at Lake Manitoba Estates further north to Echo Bay, Marina Row, and Meadowlark Rd.
Further North you will find a smaller more quaint lake front resort with over 30 lake front properties.  There are also many lake view properties.  Turn left from St. Laurent Veterans Memorial on Pioneer Drive.
One of the oldest lake front beach community developments dating back to 1911, Laurentia beach is located further North directly off Hwy 6 on Laurentia beach Rd.  Just make a left and it will take you directly to the lake front.  Laurentia beach is a private beach area because of its old development many of the cottage lots own right into the water.  There is public access from Laurentia beach Rd. in front of the welcome sign.  Great for parents with small tots.  The lake here is located on a bay and is extremely shallow.  There are over 130 lake front cottage lots.
Johnson beach is located further north off Hwy 6.  Just make a left on Johnson beach road right to the lake.  Johnson beach is a relatively new development in St. Laurent with 25 lake front cottage lots.
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