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                      December 7, 2022

Zoning By-law Amendment:
-Defining Park Models CSA z-241
-Enforcement under General Enforcement By-law 4/2022
-Including Rural Residential Zone under maximum permitted travel trailer/RVs as two on site prior to construction and occupation of main dwelling building
-Permitting cottage dwellings and single family dwellings in the Seasonal Recreation Mobile Zone
-Not permitting travel trailers/RVs on vacant sites in the Rural Residential Zone

Building By-law Amendment:
-Amending whole of by-law to remove any all references to occupancy permit(s)

RV Thanksgiving Restriction.jpg


The RM passes by-laws to promote a safe, pleasant and caring community



- If you are concerned for the immediate well-being of yourself or another person, please call the RCMP at 9-1-1

-If you are concerned for the well-being of a domestic animal or livestock, please call the Animal Care line at 1-888-945-8001.

-If you are concerned about wildlife and fishing, please call Manitoba Wildlife Conservation at (204) 762-5229.

-If you are concerned about a fire, please call the Fire Department at 9-1-1.

-If you believe you are witnessing a by-law infraction, please complete the By-Law Complaint Form, using the link below. 


  • The complaint form should be submitted at your earliest convenience.


  • The By-law enforcement officer works odd hours and will review the complaint at her earliest convenience.


  • You may call the RM office at (204) 646-2259 Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, if you have any questions.



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