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Why play Pickleball?
Pickleball is a paddle sport with combined elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong, and played on a doubles badminton court. The net is similar to a tennis net, but is two inches lower. The game is played with a hard paddle that is similar to table tennis and usually made up of graphite or composite. The ball is comparable to a Wiffle ball.

The game can be played in either singles or doubles matches.

For new players, the basics of the sport are easy to learn. Typically, one session of three or four games is all that it takes.

New players can readily expect more experienced players to be most willing to take the time to coach them through the initial steps. 

This can be useful and effective when a player has been at the game for a while and wants to improve his/her play. 

Pickleball is played by all ages, but is favored particularly by children and seniors for a few reasons. The speed of the ball moves much slower than the speed of a tennis ball and players find it easier on the body playing on a smaller court.

With that being said, pickleball not only has the fun factor, but it has many health benefits that go along with the sport.

Playing pickleball can boost your mood and overall mental health, you burn calories, and fewer injuries occur due to the low impact nature of the game. Pickleball specifically works on your balance and agility while it also offers the same benefits of other regular exercise. These include reducing your risk of heart attack and chronic disease, toning your muscles and increasing your energy.

Most of all, pickleball is a social sport where you will create friendship anywhere you play.



Health Benefits of Playing Badminton

Reduce Weight And Get Rid Of Excess Fat

Improves Lung Health

Helps Cure Hypertension

Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Increases Bone Density

Improves Heart Function

Improves Reflexes, Intelligence and Productivity

Improves Metabolism

Keeps You In Good Mood, Strong & Motivated

Fights Stress

Improves Cognitive Function

Helps Improving Your Social Skills

Better Lifestyle




10 weeks - 20 sessions

St Laurent Arena 5:45-6:45

Mondays & Wednesdays 

Starts Oct 21st 

Ages 3 & up

Registration cost $110.00

Contact St Laurent Recreation Director Tammy Hiebert or 2047393583



St Laurent School

Ages 11-16

Time 4-5pm


Jan 10,17,24

Feb 7,14,21

March 6,20 & 27



Ecole Communautaire Aurele-Lemoine

Ages 8-11      4-5pm

Ages 12-16    5-6pm


Feb 6,13,20 & 27

March 5,12,19 & 26



Ecole Communautaire Aurele-Lemoine

Ages 8-11      6-7pm

Ages 12-16    7-8pm


Jan 14,21 & 28

Feb 4,11,18 & 25

March 3

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